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It’s all about CHARACTER, isn’t it ???

Good character is taught and caught and the new DVD series Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths, helps you do both.   Imagine a DVD series combining the fun adventure of a Young Raiders of the Lost Ark, the high-tech gadgetry of Mission Impossible and the Scriptural conviction of Bibleman.  All of those elements are masterfully interwoven throughout Samuel L. Collins and The Search for Biblical Truths, a product line designed to reach Christian children and tweens.

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Geocaching with Samuel L. Collins- How to place a Travel Bug

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the ...

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey guys,

As you know from my last post I’m in California (Los Angeles to be exact) working with my Dad.  Hollywood has been fun: we’ve done some quick sightseeing and hit the hotel pool to cool down, but alas, I still have work to do.  I have to go GEOCACHING and place that Travel Bug I found in Maryland a few months ago.

Well, here is my Geocaching video roll: Hope you enjoy!

Geocaching with Sam: placing a Travel Bug

Signing off,



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Hollywood, here I come!

Samuel L. Collins heads to Hollywood

Samuel L. Collins heads to Hollywood

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Off on my BIGGEST event yet!

Today, something AMAZING happens.  Yes, that’s right- something AMAZING.

Today, I get to dress up in a suit and go to work with my Dad at a corporate event.  My father owns his own Audience Response business and for over ten years I’ve watched him get up early, get packed with suits and equipment and fly off to some unknown destination and run an ARS event.

Now, I’ve worked behind-the-scenes with my father for years.  I clean, quality control check, count and pack his bags to ensure he has everything he needs, and I even know how to run and build the software components for the events (I’ve helped out on almost every ministry event we’ve done in the last 5 years) but I’ve never had this opportunity to join him AT work.

Yes, today is special and I can’t wait to share ALL of what happens with YOU, my fans and readers.  Be back soon!

God speed,



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Funny Fridays with Sam: Creation Museum- Take 3

In honor of our recently completed Kentucky episode, I bring you this joke from the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum located outside Cincinnati, Ohio.


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Geocaching: Today’s the day, so don’t wait….

Have you signed up? Well, have you?

The contest has begun and the entrants are rolling in.  Will you be one of them.  Are you ready to WIN?

family geocaching

Time for SUMMER fun…

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Can you help my friend Noah Justice?

Like me, Noah Justice, is a homeschooler who travels and makes videos.  Unlike me, Noah’s specialty is ‘Science’.  In fact, Noah thinks science is AWESOME! and his videos are called “Awesome Science“.

Noah Justice

Hey, this guy looks like me…

I met Noah this year at the San Antonio Christian Film Festival. We had dinner and had a great time together; seems we’re both jokesters and wear cool-looking hats in our videos. 🙂

Noah’s dad, just like mine, is the brain-power and travel manager for their series.  Noah’s dad is trying to raise some money so they can go film more episodes- just like my Dad!  They are using a program called Kickstarter to raise funds for their next season.  Maybe you can help pitch in a few bucks to help them on their way.

Here’s the Kickstarter link:

Go read about them and decide for yourself: more Creation-based science videos by a funny kid like me.  Yeah, it is a good idea.  I’ll be donating…. how about you?

I’m off on another adventure!


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