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Bittersweet day in Indianapolis

Today is a bittersweet day for me.

I’m setting up the gear for the Alex & Brett Harris’ Do Hard Things Rebelution conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I have always enjoy getting ready for the events; traveling, pulling the heavy cases of gear around, setting up all the computers and equipment, testing the audience response keypads and the text messaging systems, seeing my images on the screen, and making sure the audio is heard through the speaker systems.  It’s all a part of what goes into making these conferences interactive!

This was the very first show that I built, as an eight year old, five years ago.

Sam with Alex Harris in Sacramento, CA

Sam with Alex Harris in Sacramento, CA

Since that time, I have gone from pushing the buttons as my father gave me the cues, to running the events myself.  In fact, several times, my dad was delayed traveling and wasn’t even able to make it to the conference so I ran the technology all by myself.  It was nerve-wracking at times, but I’ve learned so much and grown in ways that I will use in the future.

Just think: If you ever attended a conference and used the audience response keypads, or sent in a text message to the screen- that was ME running all of it.

So why am I a bit sad today?

Well, this is the last Do Hard Things conference that my family and I will be able to attend and they only have one more conference (Baton Rouge) before they move on to bigger and better things.

It’s been a long five years; one filled with memories of people and places, laughter and frustration, but what I will remember most is that even I, as a young man of 13, can contribute to the Kingdom.  In the beginning I just did what I was told to do, but over the years as I became the ‘man on the job’ I realized that my efforts made an impact… and as we’ve watched thousands come to Christ… I realize that I too, can Do Hard Things for the glory of God… and that makes me smile!

Signing off from Indianapolis,



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We love you Kansas City!!!

Not only does Kansas City have awesome Bar-B-Que, but they were a great crowd.    The Do Hard Things conference was standing room only and this was one energetic crowd.    From the time I put the texting screen up to start the morning, until the final song of the day, they were into the conference.    Gerenation Letter did a wonderful job of backing up Joel and Harlan for worship.  We even sold out of Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths DVDs.   The Collins family topped off our night at one of our favorite guilty pleasures, Culver’s.    All in all, it was a tour stop to remember.


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Refreshing evening at the Harris compound

One of our favorite families is the Harris Family.   We have co-labored on Alex & Brett’s Do Hard Things conferences for the last 5 years.   What a blessing it has been for our family.    We had the opportunity to spend the evening with them this Monday.

They have two really fun swings.

Katie swings over the lake

Katie test drives a swing over the lake.

Katie takes a ride on this one that goes out over a pond.

Isaac shows the proper technique

Isaac shows the proper technique for the pond swing

Then Isaac showed us the proper technique to get lot’s of air.

After we all enjoyed Brett’s cheeseburgers,

Brett Burger

Brett Burger with cheese

it was my turn to try the other swing.   Brett gives me a push to make sure I get high enough.

Brett pushes Sam

Brett gives me a helpful push

Sarah gave the girls a tour her bouquet garden, which has some beautiful flowers.

Sarah's bouquet garden

While my father and Mr. Harris spent the evening talking, the rest of us enjoyed some watermelon as Isaac and I talked about how to ensure we meet up at  NCFCA nationals this year.

Isaac and Sam discuss the NCFCA resolutions for 2012


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No. 1 Best Selling Christian Author Max Lucado

While promoting his latest project, The Story, Max Lucado took a few minutes to pose with my daddy and I.

Max Lucado, Samuel L. Collins, John  Collins

#1 Best Selling Christian Author Max Lucado with Sam and John

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More fun from ICRS

I’ve put up some of the photos of me with famous people, but some of my best experiences of ICRS were the writers and hosts that I got to meet.    This is Mary Nichelson, she’s a writer, we met her our first day in Atlanta.  Our family flew all night on a red-eye from San Diego to get to Atlanta Sunday morning.   I was still pretty new to being “Samuel L. Collins” the character and I wasn’t quite comfortable yet.  Mary and her family showed up.  She has a son a little younger than I am and it was nice to meet him and believe me there’s nothing I would have liked to do more than run off and play.  But I knew my job that day was to do interviews.  So I rushed off to have a seat and talk with his mom.   When I talked to my dad about it later, he said I should always take time to enjoy the moment of being 13.  He said it would have been okay to play for a few minutes.  Next time I’m doing interviews and a young person stops by, I’m going to enjoy being 13.

Mary Nichelson

Mary Nichelson and Samuel L. Collins

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In San Diego this weekend for the Do Hard Things Conference

Hi everyone,

I’m in San Diego, CA this morning getting ready for the Do Hard Things Conference.  Have you ever heard of this conference?  It’s a wonderful day spent listening to Alex and Brett Harris, as they expose the TRUTH of adolescence and how God wants us to prepare for Kingdom work.

Here’s the link: if you want to join me.  I’ll be running the texting and Audience Response technology; come visit me in the A/V booth.

See you there!

For the Glory of God,

Samuel L. Collins


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