Bittersweet day in Indianapolis

26 Aug

Today is a bittersweet day for me.

I’m setting up the gear for the Alex & Brett Harris’ Do Hard Things Rebelution conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I have always enjoy getting ready for the events; traveling, pulling the heavy cases of gear around, setting up all the computers and equipment, testing the audience response keypads and the text messaging systems, seeing my images on the screen, and making sure the audio is heard through the speaker systems.  It’s all a part of what goes into making these conferences interactive!

This was the very first show that I built, as an eight year old, five years ago.

Sam with Alex Harris in Sacramento, CA

Sam with Alex Harris in Sacramento, CA

Since that time, I have gone from pushing the buttons as my father gave me the cues, to running the events myself.  In fact, several times, my dad was delayed traveling and wasn’t even able to make it to the conference so I ran the technology all by myself.  It was nerve-wracking at times, but I’ve learned so much and grown in ways that I will use in the future.

Just think: If you ever attended a conference and used the audience response keypads, or sent in a text message to the screen- that was ME running all of it.

So why am I a bit sad today?

Well, this is the last Do Hard Things conference that my family and I will be able to attend and they only have one more conference (Baton Rouge) before they move on to bigger and better things.

It’s been a long five years; one filled with memories of people and places, laughter and frustration, but what I will remember most is that even I, as a young man of 13, can contribute to the Kingdom.  In the beginning I just did what I was told to do, but over the years as I became the ‘man on the job’ I realized that my efforts made an impact… and as we’ve watched thousands come to Christ… I realize that I too, can Do Hard Things for the glory of God… and that makes me smile!

Signing off from Indianapolis,



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