Refreshing evening at the Harris compound

04 Aug

One of our favorite families is the Harris Family.   We have co-labored on Alex & Brett’s Do Hard Things conferences for the last 5 years.   What a blessing it has been for our family.    We had the opportunity to spend the evening with them this Monday.

They have two really fun swings.

Katie swings over the lake

Katie test drives a swing over the lake.

Katie takes a ride on this one that goes out over a pond.

Isaac shows the proper technique

Isaac shows the proper technique for the pond swing

Then Isaac showed us the proper technique to get lot’s of air.

After we all enjoyed Brett’s cheeseburgers,

Brett Burger

Brett Burger with cheese

it was my turn to try the other swing.   Brett gives me a push to make sure I get high enough.

Brett pushes Sam

Brett gives me a helpful push

Sarah gave the girls a tour her bouquet garden, which has some beautiful flowers.

Sarah's bouquet garden

While my father and Mr. Harris spent the evening talking, the rest of us enjoyed some watermelon as Isaac and I talked about how to ensure we meet up at  NCFCA nationals this year.

Isaac and Sam discuss the NCFCA resolutions for 2012


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