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Fashion nightmares or knock-outs: Part two

Okay, so a young boy writing about fashion received quite a bit of attention yesterday.

Someone posted that women too have to shave.  Okay, you’ve got me there, but FASHION is still overrated!

You rate these: nightmares or knock-outs?

Number One:

Number two:  (this could be my sister’s attempt)

See what happens when girls get too creative….

Either way you cut it, toilet paper = paper mache or mummy = NIGHTMARE!

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Kentucky’s Creation Museum episode is finally done….

Hi ho, the bells all toll, the episode is DONE…

It’s been a long time and a LOT of hard work, but our NEXT episode was completed yesterday!

Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths- Kentucky episode

Sam and Buddy Davis pose for our cover art for the Search for Biblical Truths television show shot on location at the AIG Creation Museum

It’s a fun episode about finding an old bone (Katie actually trips over it) and us solving the mystery of WHO’s bone it is.  SOCOM finds me in the middle of Kentucky and delivers my first clue and then the ADVENTURE begins.

It’s an all-creation, all-Kentucky episode that lands us at the AIG Creation Museum with Buddy Davis.

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It’s Only One Mom’s Opinion…

It’s Only One Mom’s Opinion…

Here’s a sweet testimonial from Kathy B. after watching the Singapore episode.










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American Familiy Radio

Did you hear us on American Family Radio?


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FISH FM 104.1 Portland, OR

Hey I just completed an interview with Andy Waits at the Fish FM in Portland.    I’m always happy when I go to a city that has a FISH radio station.  I know the music will be great.   I’ll let you know if the interview is going to be available online.

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Check out John and Sam on American Family Radio

Dad and I were on with Tim and John on Friday on the show Today’s Issues. If you missed it, you can watch it on YouTube here.

Today's Issues


CCM Magazine interviews Samuel L. Collins

It was great meeting Caroline Lusk of CCM Magazine at ICRS.   Who knows maybe TobyMac will see the article and give us a song for an upcoming show.

Samuel L. Collins and Caroline Luck

CCM Magazine interviews Samuel L. Collins

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More fun from ICRS

I’ve put up some of the photos of me with famous people, but some of my best experiences of ICRS were the writers and hosts that I got to meet.    This is Mary Nichelson, she’s a writer, we met her our first day in Atlanta.  Our family flew all night on a red-eye from San Diego to get to Atlanta Sunday morning.   I was still pretty new to being “Samuel L. Collins” the character and I wasn’t quite comfortable yet.  Mary and her family showed up.  She has a son a little younger than I am and it was nice to meet him and believe me there’s nothing I would have liked to do more than run off and play.  But I knew my job that day was to do interviews.  So I rushed off to have a seat and talk with his mom.   When I talked to my dad about it later, he said I should always take time to enjoy the moment of being 13.  He said it would have been okay to play for a few minutes.  Next time I’m doing interviews and a young person stops by, I’m going to enjoy being 13.

Mary Nichelson

Mary Nichelson and Samuel L. Collins

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