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“Even my Border Collie liked the show”

“Here are some photos of Lass, our Border Collie, watching Sam and Katie.

The quality isn’t the greatest, but it was what we had at that moment.”

The Rivera Family, San Antonio, TX


No. 1 Best Selling Christian Author Max Lucado

While promoting his latest project, The Story, Max Lucado took a few minutes to pose with my daddy and I.

Max Lucado, Samuel L. Collins, John  Collins

#1 Best Selling Christian Author Max Lucado with Sam and John

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CCM Magazine interviews Samuel L. Collins

It was great meeting Caroline Lusk of CCM Magazine at ICRS.   Who knows maybe TobyMac will see the article and give us a song for an upcoming show.

Samuel L. Collins and Caroline Luck

CCM Magazine interviews Samuel L. Collins

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More fun from ICRS

I’ve put up some of the photos of me with famous people, but some of my best experiences of ICRS were the writers and hosts that I got to meet.    This is Mary Nichelson, she’s a writer, we met her our first day in Atlanta.  Our family flew all night on a red-eye from San Diego to get to Atlanta Sunday morning.   I was still pretty new to being “Samuel L. Collins” the character and I wasn’t quite comfortable yet.  Mary and her family showed up.  She has a son a little younger than I am and it was nice to meet him and believe me there’s nothing I would have liked to do more than run off and play.  But I knew my job that day was to do interviews.  So I rushed off to have a seat and talk with his mom.   When I talked to my dad about it later, he said I should always take time to enjoy the moment of being 13.  He said it would have been okay to play for a few minutes.  Next time I’m doing interviews and a young person stops by, I’m going to enjoy being 13.

Mary Nichelson

Mary Nichelson and Samuel L. Collins

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Peter Furler of Newsboys fame

It was a thrill to get to talk to Peter Furler at ICRS.  Did you know his favorite Newsboys song was “He Reigns”, it’s one of my favorites too.   I got a copy of his new solo album.  If you like the Newsboys, you’ll like this too.  It’s great.  Thank you for the album, Peter.


Collins family hanging out with Peter Furler


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Creator of Veggie Tales with Samuel L Collins

When your children are too old for Veggie Tales, you need to get them Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths.

Even Phil Vischer can’t resist.

Phil Vischer and Samuel L. Collins

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International Christian Retailers Show in Atlanta, GA

What a busy week it’s been!
I had no idea doing interviews
would be so incredibly exhausting.  I’ll
be posting some photos that took with the interviewers and also with some of my
heroes.  I had a chance to see the new movie
from Sherwood Pictures, Courageous.

It’s coming out September 30, mark your calendar and don’t miss
this one, it is by far their best movie yet.  If you enjoyed Fireproof and Facing the Giants, you are going to love

I hope you enjoy my photos from ICRS, if we put up one of your favorites, be sure to let us know.

I had a great time at ICRS, but next year I think I’ll wear more comfortable shoes.

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Hanging out with ACE WONDER



Hanging out with our friends from the Ace Wonder movie at ICRS.  Be sure to check out their website at:


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In San Diego this weekend for the Do Hard Things Conference

Hi everyone,

I’m in San Diego, CA this morning getting ready for the Do Hard Things Conference.  Have you ever heard of this conference?  It’s a wonderful day spent listening to Alex and Brett Harris, as they expose the TRUTH of adolescence and how God wants us to prepare for Kingdom work.

Here’s the link: if you want to join me.  I’ll be running the texting and Audience Response technology; come visit me in the A/V booth.

See you there!

For the Glory of God,

Samuel L. Collins


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Hi and WELCOME, I’m Samuel L. Collins and you’ve landed on MY Search for Biblical Truths website.  Here you’ll find a bunch of things to do and see.

Let’s take a look around the top of the homepage and I’ll describe what’s behind each button-

ADVENTURE: This is a great part of the website; it lets you know where I’ve traveled around the world and the Biblical Truths I’ve learned.

ACTIVITIES:  This is where all the action happens…

LEARN ABOUT GEOCACHING:  One of my favorite things is Geocaching; finding treasure located all over the world and leaving my special coins.  Check here often to discover where they are  located- one might be by your house…

CONTESTS: Yup, that’s pretty easy.  It’s all about contests; Cipher contests, GPS contests, Bible contests, and many more.  We’ll load up the prizes: t-shirts, DVDs, ciphers and neat gadgets and even CASH…. You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled on that page.

IN THE WORD: We’re going to study God’s Word, post videos on GodTube and encourage each other.  I’ve have contests, comments and TOGETHER we’ll grow stronger in the Lord!  I hope you will join me there.

SAM’S SHOP:  Being a Christian Warrior is tough work and I use LOTS of gadgets to get me  through.  You might find something in there that will help you.

BLOG: On my blog I’ll post videos and pictures of our travels around the world, new gadgets I come across, and personal stories from my adventures.

EVENTS:  I’m always out and about.  As I travel around, I hope you’ll come visit me.  Maybe we can go geocaching together.

PARENTS PAGE:  Yes, there has to be one of these; it’s to let your parents understand that we offer clean fun, plenty of adventure, contests, prizes and Biblical lessons, too.

Well, I’ve shown you around and I hope you’ll come back often.

It’s time to sign off!

Samuel L. Collins