05 Jul

Hi and WELCOME, I’m Samuel L. Collins and you’ve landed on MY Search for Biblical Truths website.  Here you’ll find a bunch of things to do and see.

Let’s take a look around the top of the homepage and I’ll describe what’s behind each button-

ADVENTURE: This is a great part of the website; it lets you know where I’ve traveled around the world and the Biblical Truths I’ve learned.

ACTIVITIES:  This is where all the action happens…

LEARN ABOUT GEOCACHING:  One of my favorite things is Geocaching; finding treasure located all over the world and leaving my special coins.  Check here often to discover where they are  located- one might be by your house…

CONTESTS: Yup, that’s pretty easy.  It’s all about contests; Cipher contests, GPS contests, Bible contests, and many more.  We’ll load up the prizes: t-shirts, DVDs, ciphers and neat gadgets and even CASH…. You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled on that page.

IN THE WORD: We’re going to study God’s Word, post videos on GodTube and encourage each other.  I’ve have contests, comments and TOGETHER we’ll grow stronger in the Lord!  I hope you will join me there.

SAM’S SHOP:  Being a Christian Warrior is tough work and I use LOTS of gadgets to get me  through.  You might find something in there that will help you.

BLOG: On my blog I’ll post videos and pictures of our travels around the world, new gadgets I come across, and personal stories from my adventures.

EVENTS:  I’m always out and about.  As I travel around, I hope you’ll come visit me.  Maybe we can go geocaching together.

PARENTS PAGE:  Yes, there has to be one of these; it’s to let your parents understand that we offer clean fun, plenty of adventure, contests, prizes and Biblical lessons, too.

Well, I’ve shown you around and I hope you’ll come back often.

It’s time to sign off!

Samuel L. Collins


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