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Funny Fridays with Sam- Mayfield Dairy factory

Who doesn’t like ICE CREAM?

Not me, so last weekend my Dad and I stopped for a sample.  It’s was GOOD!

Life is short- eat dessert first!

Signing off,

Sam Where all things adventure are found!


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FAN MAIL from Elijah in Arizona…

Search for Biblical Truths FAN MAIL...My favorite time of the day is checking the mailbox for FAN MAIL.  This note is from Elijah from Arizona. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Math seems so IMPOSSIBLE…

In the beginning Math was easy. 

I remember my first math workbook filled with color pictures of balls and clown faces and apples to count.

It was cute, and I was a satisfied little boy!

But then I grew up and Mom pulled the bait and switch.  I don’t know HOW it happened or WHEN it happened, but slowly she replaced my shiny red and green apples with X and Y and Z and I’m not happy about it.

So, I’m boycotting until someone tells me WHERE I’m going to use this:

Or at least until Math class tomorrow…

Signing off with math book in hand,



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Funny Fridays with Sam: Dinosaur joke anyone?

What’s your favorite dinosaur joke?


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Funny Fridays with Sam: Homeschool joke

Check out Sam’s latest joke, live from the floor of #GHEA #homeschool


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