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I had a great time in San Antonio at the Film Festival

Even though we didn’t enter any of our shows in the San Antonio Independent Film Festival, we had a great time attending. We got to meet some new friends and spend some time with others.
This week I’m off to a speech and debate tournament in Georgia. Last tournament I qualified for Regionals in Lincoln Douglas debate, I’m hoping to requalify this tournament.

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Boat trip was cancelled this weekend, rescheduled for this weekend

The cold spell and heavy winds that blew through Tampa this past weekend, caused our boat trip to cancel.   We’ve rescheduled for this weekend.  Pray the weather holds up or we might have a problem with our Florida episode.    We wrestle not with flesh and blood… or winds.   We did get to shoot some fun zip line action.   I was hoping that we would need to reshoot at Bo’s Ice Cream, but that didn’t happen.

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Finishing up the Kentucky episode

Wow we just finished the Bali episode and now we are close to finishing the Kentucky episode. This weekend I shot my interview segments. I also shot several promotional spots for the NRB Network. 1 month from today we are on the air. If you have Direct-TV make sure you know what channel NRB Network is on.

Sam's interviews

Green screens for Kentucky

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An Exciting Week

How well do you know your dinosaurs?

I saw the final version of the Bali show, it looks great! You guys are going to love it. Watch out for Mikey! Not only did we finish Bali and send it out to duplication, but we also finished the rough cut of the Kentucky show we shot at the Creation Museum. It’s the best show yet!!!! There are some serious surprises coming in the Kentucky show.

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