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FAN MAIL from Elijah in Arizona…

Search for Biblical Truths FAN MAIL...My favorite time of the day is checking the mailbox for FAN MAIL.  This note is from Elijah from Arizona. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is LIFE really this bad? Does this defin

Is LIFE really this bad? Does this define YOU? #fun #jokes #samuellcollins

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@samuellcollins: Meet an award-winning 9 yo homeschool film-maker in booth 335 @FPEA on Friday at 4pm #hsbloggers #teachthemtruth #movie #fpea

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The tranformation of our homeschool convention booth…

Another week, another homeschool convention.

It’s hard to believe they are almost over.  All in all, these booths are ALOT of work.

When we arrive on Thursday our booth looks like this:

GHEA homeschool convention before

Doesn’t it look lonely?

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Fan Mail…..

“Boys couldn’t wait to watch them (the videos), so we already watched Singapore. 🙂 They loved the codes and the fact that Samuel does geocaching (which we do too!). Add in that Middle kid is also a Samuel. It was fun to watch.” – Another happy Mom!


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For Star Wars fans only…. #children #f

For Star Wars fans only…. Read the rest of this entry »

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American Familiy Radio

Did you hear us on American Family Radio?


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Kentucky show airs this weekend

Wow, I just saw the Kentucky episode that we shot at the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, it’s great. We had such a good time working with Buddy Davis on this episode and you can tell. Make sure you tune in this weekend on the NRB network, DIRECTV channel 378 at 11am EST on Saturday. I think this is our best show yet.  We are trying something new with this episode, you’ll have to tell us what you think.    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Kentucky episode

The Creation Museum is a great family vacation destination, check out our Kentucky episode for a peek inside.

I’m off on another adventure,



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Schooling: sometimes it’s just hard work

I’ve been working all summer on math: fractions, decimals, and percentages.  Sometimes I get it, and sometimes it just seems so ‘hard’.  Am I suppose to add, subtract, flip, divide or reduce then multiply?  Right-side up, upside down, flipping and twisting; what am I suppose to do with all these numbers?

Who made this stuff up, and why do I need to study it?

I didn’t think I needed to know until I began making pens on my lathe.  God has made numbers complicated yet simple at same time (and thank goodness for the men who produced rulers); there are whole numbers and then smaller parts called fractions.  When I measure wood, it’s not always a whole number, so I use fractions, too.

And, just when I think fractions can’t get any smaller I’m reminded of my chemistry lesson in atoms and subatoms… and smaller and smaller the pieces get.  I wonder how small the smallest number is?  How big is the biggest number?  Only God knows (and that’s okay) because I’m still trying to decode all the others inbetween.

Well, back to math lessons…

Signing off,


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Refreshing evening at the Harris compound

One of our favorite families is the Harris Family.   We have co-labored on Alex & Brett’s Do Hard Things conferences for the last 5 years.   What a blessing it has been for our family.    We had the opportunity to spend the evening with them this Monday.

They have two really fun swings.

Katie swings over the lake

Katie test drives a swing over the lake.

Katie takes a ride on this one that goes out over a pond.

Isaac shows the proper technique

Isaac shows the proper technique for the pond swing

Then Isaac showed us the proper technique to get lot’s of air.

After we all enjoyed Brett’s cheeseburgers,

Brett Burger

Brett Burger with cheese

it was my turn to try the other swing.   Brett gives me a push to make sure I get high enough.

Brett pushes Sam

Brett gives me a helpful push

Sarah gave the girls a tour her bouquet garden, which has some beautiful flowers.

Sarah's bouquet garden

While my father and Mr. Harris spent the evening talking, the rest of us enjoyed some watermelon as Isaac and I talked about how to ensure we meet up at  NCFCA nationals this year.

Isaac and Sam discuss the NCFCA resolutions for 2012


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Check out John and Sam on American Family Radio

Dad and I were on with Tim and John on Friday on the show Today’s Issues. If you missed it, you can watch it on YouTube here.

Today's Issues


Editing the Bali episode

We had a great time in Bali.    Our friends at Wakaland Cruise tours took us out to show us the island.   When you go to Bali, go out on a Wakaland Tour.   You will not believe how much stuff they can pack into a day.

Samuel L Collins Hanging on Range Rover

Samuel L Collins Hanging on Range Rover

Tell them Sam sent you.  BTW, don’t worry they won’t make you hang on the outside of the Range Rover.


“Even my Border Collie liked the show”

“Here are some photos of Lass, our Border Collie, watching Sam and Katie.

The quality isn’t the greatest, but it was what we had at that moment.”

The Rivera Family, San Antonio, TX


Peter Furler of Newsboys fame

It was a thrill to get to talk to Peter Furler at ICRS.  Did you know his favorite Newsboys song was “He Reigns”, it’s one of my favorites too.   I got a copy of his new solo album.  If you like the Newsboys, you’ll like this too.  It’s great.  Thank you for the album, Peter.


Collins family hanging out with Peter Furler


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Hanging out with ACE WONDER



Hanging out with our friends from the Ace Wonder movie at ICRS.  Be sure to check out their website at:


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