Schooling: sometimes it’s just hard work

12 Oct

I’ve been working all summer on math: fractions, decimals, and percentages.  Sometimes I get it, and sometimes it just seems so ‘hard’.  Am I suppose to add, subtract, flip, divide or reduce then multiply?  Right-side up, upside down, flipping and twisting; what am I suppose to do with all these numbers?

Who made this stuff up, and why do I need to study it?

I didn’t think I needed to know until I began making pens on my lathe.  God has made numbers complicated yet simple at same time (and thank goodness for the men who produced rulers); there are whole numbers and then smaller parts called fractions.  When I measure wood, it’s not always a whole number, so I use fractions, too.

And, just when I think fractions can’t get any smaller I’m reminded of my chemistry lesson in atoms and subatoms… and smaller and smaller the pieces get.  I wonder how small the smallest number is?  How big is the biggest number?  Only God knows (and that’s okay) because I’m still trying to decode all the others inbetween.

Well, back to math lessons…

Signing off,


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