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Bittersweet day in Indianapolis

Today is a bittersweet day for me.

I’m setting up the gear for the Alex & Brett Harris’ Do Hard Things Rebelution conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I have always enjoy getting ready for the events; traveling, pulling the heavy cases of gear around, setting up all the computers and equipment, testing the audience response keypads and the text messaging systems, seeing my images on the screen, and making sure the audio is heard through the speaker systems.  It’s all a part of what goes into making these conferences interactive!

This was the very first show that I built, as an eight year old, five years ago.

Sam with Alex Harris in Sacramento, CA

Sam with Alex Harris in Sacramento, CA

Since that time, I have gone from pushing the buttons as my father gave me the cues, to running the events myself.  In fact, several times, my dad was delayed traveling and wasn’t even able to make it to the conference so I ran the technology all by myself.  It was nerve-wracking at times, but I’ve learned so much and grown in ways that I will use in the future.

Just think: If you ever attended a conference and used the audience response keypads, or sent in a text message to the screen- that was ME running all of it.

So why am I a bit sad today?

Well, this is the last Do Hard Things conference that my family and I will be able to attend and they only have one more conference (Baton Rouge) before they move on to bigger and better things.

It’s been a long five years; one filled with memories of people and places, laughter and frustration, but what I will remember most is that even I, as a young man of 13, can contribute to the Kingdom.  In the beginning I just did what I was told to do, but over the years as I became the ‘man on the job’ I realized that my efforts made an impact… and as we’ve watched thousands come to Christ… I realize that I too, can Do Hard Things for the glory of God… and that makes me smile!

Signing off from Indianapolis,



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Geocaching and beyond…

Want to go geocaching but have no clue where to go? At you can enter your Address or Zip code and find the nearest ones in your neighborhood.

Why speaking of having one in your neighborhood, a few days ago my family and I discovered that there was one only a few minutes away, so we grabbed the GPS and set of to find a brand new Geobox.

We had previously visited this Geobox without the GPS and did not succeed, so this time we thought we would be smart and take the GPS.

After about twenty five minutes we located the Geobox under a post in the Bridge that leads to nowhere.  Sounds like a Government Job or the title of the Geocache, “Back Up Plan.” Oh, that’s why is called a “Back up Plan” because you go nowhere.   You’ll have to see the pictures to believe this fine structure…

Here is the link to the Geocache:

Remember: You’ll need to become a member to to see the coordinates or you could just email me at,
or better yet join and email Me!      I hope you enjoy Geocaching with your family.

Signing off for this post, see you soon.

Samuel L. Collins

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Protecting our home and property

This morning we discovered a water moccasin in our front yard!   My father and I grabbed our guns and ran around the house to head him off.  Katie
ran behind us to help spot him.   My mother stood watch at the window.   When she and Katie both had confirmed where the snake was had hidden, dad and I
moved in.   As soon as he spotted him, my dad fired, blasting the snake’s side.   Boy did that make the snake mad.   He went straight towards my mom, good thing she was safe on the other side of the glass.   His fangs were out and he was striking.   I had never seen anything like this before, he had these black things come at least two inches out of his mouth, they came out and twisted in semi-circles.  He struck at the window and then headed down the
side of the house.   Once we spotted him again, dad fired and pierced his head. From that point on the snake stayed in one area where we could all see
him.  I fired and hit him a couple times,

Me shooting

unfortunately, I could only fire with my BB gun.

Final score:

Dead snake

Men                       1

Water Moccasin 0

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WOW, you guys are smart

I guess next time we are going to have to make these questions a bit harder. Congrats to those who have already qualified for this months contest and completed step one towards the prize.

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We love you Kansas City!!!

Not only does Kansas City have awesome Bar-B-Que, but they were a great crowd.    The Do Hard Things conference was standing room only and this was one energetic crowd.    From the time I put the texting screen up to start the morning, until the final song of the day, they were into the conference.    Gerenation Letter did a wonderful job of backing up Joel and Harlan for worship.  We even sold out of Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths DVDs.   The Collins family topped off our night at one of our favorite guilty pleasures, Culver’s.    All in all, it was a tour stop to remember.


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Placzeks in Portland

One of the best things about traveling as much as our family does is that we have friends all over the United States.  This week during our trip to Portland, our good friends the Placzek family from Washington State came down and we spent several days enjoying the incredible weather of Portland together.  It’s funny we heard Portlanders complaining about the heat, at 84 degrees, but coming from Florida it was delightful.   I don’t think we’ve seen 84 since April.

When it comes to having fun, the Placzek’s and the Collins have some pretty similar ideas.   They found a park where we could play in the frigid snow melt water.   Isaac and I, buried ourselves in the sand, and helped Jada bury herself as well.

Isaac, Jada, and I burying ourselves (and each other) in the beach sand


We had a great time playing in the water.  Mr. Placzek even upped the river flow for us a bit, by moving a large fallen tree.  I’m not sure who had more fun playing in the water, us or him.   We know that we can always count on having lots of adventure when Mr. Placzek is around.

Mr. Placzek helping us get the most of the rapids by doing a little rerouting of the stream

With their quiver full of children, my sister Katie gets to practice her mommy skills, something she enjoys very much.   Of course she also enjoys spending time with her friend Jessica.  They are hoping to meet up at NCFCA nationals next year.

Katie get some time to play mommy to Victoria and Naomi. What a blessing.

Our parents allowed us to spend the night in tents down by the river.   That was very exciting.  We talked about boy things, like snipe hunting, building mini weapons of mass destruction, and shared our favorite jokes.

What kind of campfire would it have been without s'mores? Thank you Placzek family for a great time.


If you ever get up to the Seattle area, I highly recommend that you try to get in touch with the Placzek family; you are guaranteed to have a great time.


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Romans 3:21-4:25

I was reading Romans 3:21-4:25 today. It really made me think about our trip to Bali. Paul tells us that there isn’t anything that we can do to gain God’s favor. All I can think about is the Hindu people making offerings all day long and putting them outside to appease their gods. Christianity is the only religion in the history of the world, where we don’t have to do anything to earn God’s grace. There is nothing that we can do that would make us righteous in His eyes. Christ came so that we may be made righteous. Thank you God for this wonderful truth.

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Refreshing evening at the Harris compound

One of our favorite families is the Harris Family.   We have co-labored on Alex & Brett’s Do Hard Things conferences for the last 5 years.   What a blessing it has been for our family.    We had the opportunity to spend the evening with them this Monday.

They have two really fun swings.

Katie swings over the lake

Katie test drives a swing over the lake.

Katie takes a ride on this one that goes out over a pond.

Isaac shows the proper technique

Isaac shows the proper technique for the pond swing

Then Isaac showed us the proper technique to get lot’s of air.

After we all enjoyed Brett’s cheeseburgers,

Brett Burger

Brett Burger with cheese

it was my turn to try the other swing.   Brett gives me a push to make sure I get high enough.

Brett pushes Sam

Brett gives me a helpful push

Sarah gave the girls a tour her bouquet garden, which has some beautiful flowers.

Sarah's bouquet garden

While my father and Mr. Harris spent the evening talking, the rest of us enjoyed some watermelon as Isaac and I talked about how to ensure we meet up at  NCFCA nationals this year.

Isaac and Sam discuss the NCFCA resolutions for 2012


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FISH FM 104.1 Portland, OR

Hey I just completed an interview with Andy Waits at the Fish FM in Portland.    I’m always happy when I go to a city that has a FISH radio station.  I know the music will be great.   I’ll let you know if the interview is going to be available online.

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Check out John and Sam on American Family Radio

Dad and I were on with Tim and John on Friday on the show Today’s Issues. If you missed it, you can watch it on YouTube here.

Today's Issues


Editing the Bali episode

We had a great time in Bali.    Our friends at Wakaland Cruise tours took us out to show us the island.   When you go to Bali, go out on a Wakaland Tour.   You will not believe how much stuff they can pack into a day.

Samuel L Collins Hanging on Range Rover

Samuel L Collins Hanging on Range Rover

Tell them Sam sent you.  BTW, don’t worry they won’t make you hang on the outside of the Range Rover.