Placzeks in Portland

06 Aug

One of the best things about traveling as much as our family does is that we have friends all over the United States.  This week during our trip to Portland, our good friends the Placzek family from Washington State came down and we spent several days enjoying the incredible weather of Portland together.  It’s funny we heard Portlanders complaining about the heat, at 84 degrees, but coming from Florida it was delightful.   I don’t think we’ve seen 84 since April.

When it comes to having fun, the Placzek’s and the Collins have some pretty similar ideas.   They found a park where we could play in the frigid snow melt water.   Isaac and I, buried ourselves in the sand, and helped Jada bury herself as well.

Isaac, Jada, and I burying ourselves (and each other) in the beach sand


We had a great time playing in the water.  Mr. Placzek even upped the river flow for us a bit, by moving a large fallen tree.  I’m not sure who had more fun playing in the water, us or him.   We know that we can always count on having lots of adventure when Mr. Placzek is around.

Mr. Placzek helping us get the most of the rapids by doing a little rerouting of the stream

With their quiver full of children, my sister Katie gets to practice her mommy skills, something she enjoys very much.   Of course she also enjoys spending time with her friend Jessica.  They are hoping to meet up at NCFCA nationals next year.

Katie get some time to play mommy to Victoria and Naomi. What a blessing.

Our parents allowed us to spend the night in tents down by the river.   That was very exciting.  We talked about boy things, like snipe hunting, building mini weapons of mass destruction, and shared our favorite jokes.

What kind of campfire would it have been without s'mores? Thank you Placzek family for a great time.


If you ever get up to the Seattle area, I highly recommend that you try to get in touch with the Placzek family; you are guaranteed to have a great time.


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