Protecting our home and property

12 Aug

This morning we discovered a water moccasin in our front yard!   My father and I grabbed our guns and ran around the house to head him off.  Katie
ran behind us to help spot him.   My mother stood watch at the window.   When she and Katie both had confirmed where the snake was had hidden, dad and I
moved in.   As soon as he spotted him, my dad fired, blasting the snake’s side.   Boy did that make the snake mad.   He went straight towards my mom, good thing she was safe on the other side of the glass.   His fangs were out and he was striking.   I had never seen anything like this before, he had these black things come at least two inches out of his mouth, they came out and twisted in semi-circles.  He struck at the window and then headed down the
side of the house.   Once we spotted him again, dad fired and pierced his head. From that point on the snake stayed in one area where we could all see
him.  I fired and hit him a couple times,

Me shooting

unfortunately, I could only fire with my BB gun.

Final score:

Dead snake

Men                       1

Water Moccasin 0

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Posted by on August 12, 2011 in fun, Samuel L. Collins


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One response to “Protecting our home and property

  1. Roshie Jones

    August 17, 2011 at 6:06 am

    Excellent Work Sam! Protect the house! SOCOM out!


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