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Kentucky’s Creation Museum episode is finally done….

Hi ho, the bells all toll, the episode is DONE…

It’s been a long time and a LOT of hard work, but our NEXT episode was completed yesterday!

Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths- Kentucky episode

Sam and Buddy Davis pose for our cover art for the Search for Biblical Truths television show shot on location at the AIG Creation Museum

It’s a fun episode about finding an old bone (Katie actually trips over it) and us solving the mystery of WHO’s bone it is.  SOCOM finds me in the middle of Kentucky and delivers my first clue and then the ADVENTURE begins.

It’s an all-creation, all-Kentucky episode that lands us at the AIG Creation Museum with Buddy Davis.

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FAN MAIL from Elijah in Arizona…

Search for Biblical Truths FAN MAIL...My favorite time of the day is checking the mailbox for FAN MAIL.  This note is from Elijah from Arizona. Read the rest of this entry »

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Geocaching: What’s a Travel Bug?

I don’t know but I certainly don’t want one. Or do you?

Find out In this video when Sam explains what a Travel Bug is…..


See, you might really want one.

Signing off,


P.S.  I’m heading to San Antonio, Texas next month where I’ll deposit the Travel Bug into a Geobox.  Keep a look out for that video post in the near future. follow my Geocaching adventure


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Cipher challenge…

Here’s your cipher challenge of the week:


And we’re NOT giving away the key… (but it’s not that hard)

Have fun!



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“Even my Border Collie liked the show”

“Here are some photos of Lass, our Border Collie, watching Sam and Katie.

The quality isn’t the greatest, but it was what we had at that moment.”

The Rivera Family, San Antonio, TX


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Is LIFE really this bad? Does this defin

Is LIFE really this bad? Does this define YOU? #fun #jokes #samuellcollins

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@samuellcollins: Meet an award-winning 9 yo homeschool film-maker in booth 335 @FPEA on Friday at 4pm #hsbloggers #teachthemtruth #movie #fpea

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