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So, is it SUMMER already? (update; and exciting news!)

About a month ago, I posted this post talking about how summer is on, but I’m still stuck in school.  Well, I’ve got great news: Mom’s letting me off the hook on a few subjects (isn’t homeschooling grand?) and said we’ll pick back up again August 1st.  Yeah! for me!  I can’t imagine what I’ll do with my time off.  Any suggestions?

Signing off to go play,


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Do your children have the ‘moral mustard’ – Part 2

When you last visited, my precious Ipod Touch had been reduced to ‘garbage’ and was located here….

Mom left the room and banished me to my room to think about things.  I glanced over to Katie sitting in shock and awe realizing that Mom had thrown away my life.

Yes, my life! 

My music, my games, my entertainment, my GPS, my dictionary, books I was reading on it and more!  My life!  I sat wondering how this all went so wrong.  Mom mentioned something about my attitude and that if I couldn’t throw it away easily, it might be an idol.


“Surely not” I thought to myself, but i was devastated by what Mom had done.  It didn’t seem fair and I felt crushed.  In fact I was down right MAD at her.

“How dare her throw away my object?

“She doesn’t have the right!”

“I’m going to talk to Dad when he gets home from his business trip.”

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do!  And for a brief moment I felt better… but suddenly it dawned on me that Dad wouldn’t be back for at least three more days…. and sometime in there the garbage would be taken to the street.

Noooooooooooooo!  This is just not fair!

My mind continued to return to what my Mom had said. “Sam, if you can’t easily throw that object away it just might be an IDOL in your life.” 

I spent the afternoon distracting myself with Legos.  I turned on my CD player and listened to music convinced that Mom was wrong and I was RIGHT, but I still hadn’t come up with a plan to rescue my Ipod, and the garbage can was getting fuller and fuller every hour.

As soon as I was engaged in an activity, my mind wandered back again to my Mom’s statement, “Sam, if you can’t easily throw that object away it just might be an IDOL in your life.” 

An IDOL?  Not the kind that sings on the American Idol show, but the kind where you bow down and worship.  Like this guy…

An IDOL! An IDOL? an idol.

As I sat on the edge of the bed and I had to admit, for the first time, that I did worship my Ipod Touch.

  • I did think the world of it.
  • I did honor it with all my spare time.
  • And, more importantly, I was attached to it, probably way more than I should have been.

If I honestly looked at the situation  I do worship my Ipod!

Staring at the floor I gently closed my eyes and prayed.  I was wrong and I asked God to forgive me for placing an item above my relationship with Him, my mother, my sister and my schoolwork.

I found Mom and asked if we could talk and I shared my feelings.  When Mom and Dad bought me the Ipod Touch I felt invincible. I thought I had my parents wrapped around my finger and that I could do or say anything I wanted.  I thought too highly of myself, and I thought too highly of my Ipod Touch.  I realized that I had plugged myself in to a world of never-ending news, music, and entertainment.  I apologized and told Mom that I was glad she got my attention for I felt lost, but free…

I want to worship only one thing- God!

Signing off,


P.S.  Our Bali episode is about Idols.  Do your children know the truth about idols: find out here….


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Cipher challenge… 6/7

Here’s your cipher challenge of the week:




Leave your winning codes in the comment section below….

Have fun!



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So, is it SUMMER already?


Not just a little, but a LOT!  I want juicy, mouth-watering Watermelon!…


Yes, this is what I want!

and refreshingly cool and yummy Ice Cream!….

Samuel LCollins wants Ice cream

Doesn’t this look cool and refreshing?

and a MASSIVE, water-hogging Slip-and-slide contraption….

Samuel L Collins wants a slip and slide

Doesn’t this look like fun?

and to be done with SCHOOL.

school closed for summer

Yes, this is what I’m hoping for!

But JUST as I woke from this heavenly dream

I realized that I’m only on Unit 8 of my Apologia science book…. (out of 16!) and math, and Latin, and Geography, and History, and…..

Oh, weary me.  Shall I ever be done?

Signing off,

Sam  Please visit our store and purchase a DVD.  It takes a lot of food these days to feed me.  You know I think I’m in the mood for some watermelon or ice cream? 🙂

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Kentucky’s Creation Museum episode is finally done….

Hi ho, the bells all toll, the episode is DONE…

It’s been a long time and a LOT of hard work, but our NEXT episode was completed yesterday!

Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths- Kentucky episode

Sam and Buddy Davis pose for our cover art for the Search for Biblical Truths television show shot on location at the AIG Creation Museum

It’s a fun episode about finding an old bone (Katie actually trips over it) and us solving the mystery of WHO’s bone it is.  SOCOM finds me in the middle of Kentucky and delivers my first clue and then the ADVENTURE begins.

It’s an all-creation, all-Kentucky episode that lands us at the AIG Creation Museum with Buddy Davis.

Signing off,



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Cipher challenge…

Here’s your cipher challenge of the week:


And we’re NOT giving away the key… (but it’s not that hard)

Have fun!



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“Even my Border Collie liked the show”

“Here are some photos of Lass, our Border Collie, watching Sam and Katie.

The quality isn’t the greatest, but it was what we had at that moment.”

The Rivera Family, San Antonio, TX


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