Can you help my friend Noah Justice?

03 Jul

Like me, Noah Justice, is a homeschooler who travels and makes videos.  Unlike me, Noah’s specialty is ‘Science’.  In fact, Noah thinks science is AWESOME! and his videos are called “Awesome Science“.

Noah Justice

Hey, this guy looks like me…

I met Noah this year at the San Antonio Christian Film Festival. We had dinner and had a great time together; seems we’re both jokesters and wear cool-looking hats in our videos. 🙂

Noah’s dad, just like mine, is the brain-power and travel manager for their series.  Noah’s dad is trying to raise some money so they can go film more episodes- just like my Dad!  They are using a program called Kickstarter to raise funds for their next season.  Maybe you can help pitch in a few bucks to help them on their way.

Here’s the Kickstarter link:

Go read about them and decide for yourself: more Creation-based science videos by a funny kid like me.  Yeah, it is a good idea.  I’ll be donating…. how about you?

I’m off on another adventure!


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