Does Geography Matter?

29 Jun

Dad always says, “The world is a beautiful place- go see it!”earth from space

 As you know I LOVE to travel and I think I’m a pretty handy with a map!

Samuel L. Collins and Katie at the beach

Loving the beach with my sister!

Over the years of co-piloting (it’s my responsibility to help when my Mom drives our RV) I’ve managed to direct her through the city of Los Angeles

English: Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles a...

English: Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles as seen from Los Angeles City Hall. Photographed and uploaded by user:Geographer Category:Images of Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and downtown Chicago,

Chicago Skyline 2008

Chicago Skyline 2008 (Photo credit: TomC)

through Utah’s Arches National Park, and Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park and even through a Burger King parking lot!

English: Burger King Branch, Leicester Square,...

Needless to say, knowing one’s GEOGRAPHY is very important. So important that Mom has us using a special curriculum called Trail Guide to the World.  We learn about countries around the world, their national products, interesting physical features, people, culture and the best places to visit.  I recently studied part of Europe and drew out a few castles that I’d like to see one day.  Actually, I’d like to see much, much more of this beautiful world…

Well, I like GEOGRAPHY and I hope you do too.

Signing off,



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