Pizza: What’s thick and cheesy with meat all over?

18 Jun

Pizza: What’s thick and cheesy with meat all over?

Pizza: Chicago style (with our secret receipe)

When it’s just Dad and I home alone we like to play around in the kitchen and test new recipes for our favorite foods.  Last night we decided to try our best to make an authentic Chicago deep dish pizza.

Samuel L. Collins Pizza Creation

Sam’s Chicago-style deep dish pizza masterpiece

In the past our attempts at making a great crust have come up disappointing.  Sometimes the crust didn’t cook all the way through and the dough was gooey.  Sometimes the crust was too thin and flat, lacking any taste whatsoever.  Sometimes it was neither thick or think- just a cooking disaster. ( And let’s not even talk about the times that Dad tried to make Mom a wheat-free, gluten-free pizza crust.  Those were just plain gross!)

But, this time we were feeling lucky…..

We found a recipe on the internet and made some Collins Family adjustments (hint: adding an additional lb. of mozzerella cheese and pepperoni ), prepared it in our authentic 14” deep-dish pan we bought from our favorite Chicago style pizza places in Tampa, Windy City Pizza, before their property was auctioned off, which was one of MY saddest days.  (Loosing your favorite hometown pizza restaurant is just not fun.  Now, all we ever order is Hungry Howie’s.)

And placed it in the oven to cook.  20 minutes later…..

Samuel L. Collins cooks amazing deep dish pizza

Samuel L. Collins creates an amazing Chicago deep-dish pizza!

WOW, we hit a home run on this one.  The crust was finally JUST RIGHT!  It was thick but not gooey, tasty with a hint of sweet dough, and slightly crispy on the bottom.  The toppings added the right amount of cheese and meat flavors.  All in all, it was AMAZING!

I think even my Chicago friends would approve.  Mr. Roshie is staying with us while he edits the Florida episode, so he shared some too.  As soon as he bit into it he said, “That is so good, you can’t buy a pizza that good.”

I could only eat one piece.  We have some left overs;  come on over.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Yum, don’t you want some!

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