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Funny Fridays with Sam: Creation Museum- Take 3

In honor of our recently completed Kentucky episode, I bring you this joke from the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum located outside Cincinnati, Ohio.


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Kentucky’s Creation Museum episode is finally done….

Hi ho, the bells all toll, the episode is DONE…

It’s been a long time and a LOT of hard work, but our NEXT episode was completed yesterday!

Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths- Kentucky episode

Sam and Buddy Davis pose for our cover art for the Search for Biblical Truths television show shot on location at the AIG Creation Museum

It’s a fun episode about finding an old bone (Katie actually trips over it) and us solving the mystery of WHO’s bone it is.  SOCOM finds me in the middle of Kentucky and delivers my first clue and then the ADVENTURE begins.

It’s an all-creation, all-Kentucky episode that lands us at the AIG Creation Museum with Buddy Davis.

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Funny Fridays with Sam: At the River

Here’s my latest Funny Fridays joke…

Since we shot this video on the Ohio River, just across from Kentucky, this joke is dedicated to our Kentucky episode, which will be coming out on DVD very soon.    In this episode, we travel around Kentucky, visit the Creation Museum, meet up with Buddy Davis and learn all about dinosaurs.    There is plenty of adventure is this episode.   Oh and there are more secret messages hidden as well.    Keep your eyes open as you watch the DVD.

If you have a favorite joke that is appropriate for all audiences, leave it in the comments.

Time for another adventure…


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Kentucky show airs this weekend

Wow, I just saw the Kentucky episode that we shot at the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, it’s great. We had such a good time working with Buddy Davis on this episode and you can tell. Make sure you tune in this weekend on the NRB network, DIRECTV channel 378 at 11am EST on Saturday. I think this is our best show yet.  We are trying something new with this episode, you’ll have to tell us what you think.    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Kentucky episode

The Creation Museum is a great family vacation destination, check out our Kentucky episode for a peek inside.

I’m off on another adventure,



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An Exciting Week

How well do you know your dinosaurs?

I saw the final version of the Bali show, it looks great! You guys are going to love it. Watch out for Mikey! Not only did we finish Bali and send it out to duplication, but we also finished the rough cut of the Kentucky show we shot at the Creation Museum. It’s the best show yet!!!! There are some serious surprises coming in the Kentucky show.

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