Do your children have the ‘moral mustard’?

09 Jun

My Dad thinks I”m a good son (most of the time) but he also knows that I need boundaries. 

Unfortunately, I can often weasel my way out of those boundaries and that is not ‘cutting the mustard’.

No Moral Mustard

I don’t always have the “moral mustard”…

As a fourteen year old I know that I’m always supposed to obey Mom and Dad, and obey God, but it’s really easy not to.

Here’s a big lesson I learned last year:

My parents were so thrilled with me after all my hard work filming the Samuel L. Collins and the Search for Biblical Truths series that they bought me an Ipod Touch engraved with “Samuel L. Collins, our son, in whom we are well pleased.”

Ipod touch

Yup, this is it. My dream!

Wow, really. An Ipod Touch at 12 years old.  I thought I had scored BIG TIME.  My friends all had one and now I was going to be part of the in-crowd!

I coveted my Touch! 

I practically slept with it.  I carried it in my pocket, played games on it, listened to music on it and more.  It kept me busy on planes, in cars, and even in my room in the afternoon.  I was consumed.  Mom and Dad noticed but they said I had to manage my own free time, set my boundaries and learn “how to deal with technology”.  Yeah, I was dealing with technology- every day, every afternoon, and most evenings.

And I was dealing well with it….. until…

One morning when Mom asked if I had completed my word studies.  I responded, “yes, as much as I could.  The dictionary didn’t have my words!”

My Mom looked quizzically at me, “What do you mean they’re not in the dictionary?”

I responded again quite frankly, “They weren’t in my Ipod dictionary, so I didn’t do those words.”

My Mom’s expression changed and she handed me the 1828 dictionary, “Let’s see if you can find them in HERE…. you know the DICTIONARY…..!  Sam, I expect a little more effort from you.  In fact, I’ve already talked to you about ignoring your homework.”

And then she said those words I did NOT want to hear.  “Sam, I want your Ipod Touch.  I think you need a little break from it.”

“What?” I questioned in a louder voice, “You don’t the right to take away my Ipod Touch.  It’s mine! Dad gave it to me….”

Mom, calmly said, “You may now take your Ipod Touch and deliver it to the garbage can.’

What” I questioned in a much louder voice, “You can’t do that!”

Mom opened her hand, in which I dropped my Ipod and she promptly moved to the garbage can dropping my precious piece of technology into it.

Garbage can

What? My Ipod is in THERE….

This is NOT right.  This is NOT fair… or was it?

I’ll share the rest of the story tomorrow and HOW I learned about my “moral mustard”.

Signing off,



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