So, is it SUMMER already?

01 Jun


Not just a little, but a LOT!  I want juicy, mouth-watering Watermelon!…


Yes, this is what I want!

and refreshingly cool and yummy Ice Cream!….

Samuel LCollins wants Ice cream

Doesn’t this look cool and refreshing?

and a MASSIVE, water-hogging Slip-and-slide contraption….

Samuel L Collins wants a slip and slide

Doesn’t this look like fun?

and to be done with SCHOOL.

school closed for summer

Yes, this is what I’m hoping for!

But JUST as I woke from this heavenly dream

I realized that I’m only on Unit 8 of my Apologia science book…. (out of 16!) and math, and Latin, and Geography, and History, and…..

Oh, weary me.  Shall I ever be done?

Signing off,

Sam  Please visit our store and purchase a DVD.  It takes a lot of food these days to feed me.  You know I think I’m in the mood for some watermelon or ice cream? 🙂

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