Fans say the funniest things….

17 Apr

As a 13 year old boy I must say I’m quite intimidated at homeschool conventions.

I’m often quickly recognized as the boy from the large poster in our booth. Boys and girls often stare and point asking, “Is that YOU?” or “Are you THAT Samuel L. Collins?”  Their eyes are wide open and their jaws usually open too, making a funny sight, but I must admit the only answer I’ve really come up with is “Yup, that’s me” and I shrug my shoulders.

BUT, the funniest one was….

The man who entered our booth looked around and asked MY FATHER, “Is that you?” while pointing to the poster.  My father about fell over laughing.  He chuckled and replied, “Why no sir, you’re looking at my son Samuel L. Collins!”  The embarrassed man quickly exited our booth shaking his head in disbelief….

Then at lunch a waiter asked, “Are you two BROTHERS?”  We BOTH about fell over laughing….

I guess I do look like my DAD!

Signing off for today,


So, I ask you: What should I say to small sized fans? I’m taking suggestions….


One response to “Fans say the funniest things….

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