Geocaching and beyond…

17 Aug

Want to go geocaching but have no clue where to go? At you can enter your Address or Zip code and find the nearest ones in your neighborhood.

Why speaking of having one in your neighborhood, a few days ago my family and I discovered that there was one only a few minutes away, so we grabbed the GPS and set of to find a brand new Geobox.

We had previously visited this Geobox without the GPS and did not succeed, so this time we thought we would be smart and take the GPS.

After about twenty five minutes we located the Geobox under a post in the Bridge that leads to nowhere.  Sounds like a Government Job or the title of the Geocache, “Back Up Plan.” Oh, that’s why is called a “Back up Plan” because you go nowhere.   You’ll have to see the pictures to believe this fine structure…

Here is the link to the Geocache:

Remember: You’ll need to become a member to to see the coordinates or you could just email me at,
or better yet join and email Me!      I hope you enjoy Geocaching with your family.

Signing off for this post, see you soon.

Samuel L. Collins

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